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I've just made new Tumblr. Here is the link

The reason why I moved is that the old one is connected with other my private blogs
so It sometimes hard to leave some messages to the others with my 'Haha' name and also complicate to care the following lists..
So, It there is anyone who follow my old Tumblr, please re-follow my new blog. thanks :)
There is only a few products with an artwork which I post on deviantArt today,

It just fun to upload my drawings and see what it looks like :D
Here is the address,
And here is another link ->… where you can get FREE Shipping and $5 Off Each Item
in my shop till March 09th.

I might put some canon Sherlock Holmes stuff on this web.
Please enjoy with the products previews and shopping :D
I bought 'The adventures of sherlock holmes and dr. watson' 6 set DVD a few months ago, But The remastered version hurt all the beautiful colors and textures of the films :(
I'm so miserable..

Is there anyone who knows how to get the non remastering version? I saw some individual dvds from Amazon but I'm not sure They are the original or not..
sorry guys..  I cannot do anything with Sherlock nowdays...
Whenever I try to think them, my brain is filled with white color..
Hard to do the postcard work also..
Hello, guys. Long time no see..
I wish all of you had happy new year and also hope you get nice days of March :)

I'll work on the postcards what i didn't send to the people who i promised with. (I'm sure.)
so, if some of you changed your mind (like, change what you want to see from BBC Sherlock's characters )or your address, then give me a note please. I'm so sorry.
Sorry. I deleted my few drawing because of a new law in Korea.
My country recently passed a new law that enables the police to arrest me for sexual offense if it is found out that I make drawings of young character engaging in sexual or suggestive acts.

and also if i draw grown-ups like kids then they can arrest me.

Now, they are pressing me and other people who do art. I'm so sad.

normal porno site also not fine. This country is trying to block all these kinds of site.
and Just draw or show 'kids' and 'teenagers', and 'who look like them', I can be arrested with that law.
This law is very ambiguous. They try to kill animation, cartoon and game.
I never thought that some people celebrated my birthday..!
So I'm very happy even my birthday is over already (:
Thank u. I'm trying to have happy days.
and i wish you, all guys have nice days :D Be happy!

Sweetmarly gave me a "Premium Membership"!!!!!!!!!!! I was really reaaaaaaaally surprised and I feel crying..:cries: I'm speechless..:cries: I'm so happy. I'm delighted to receive such a nice gift I had not expected. Really, Really thanks:XD:!!!!!!! OMG
Just I want to say and write this.
Good day, Good night.
Sometimes, people gather some points in DA through a 'Donate'.
I just wonder about this. For what purpose?

I have no idea about many systems in here yet...D:
Nowdays, I'm so busy. I have to do lots of my works, and school projects and homeworks..:cries:
so, I'm so sorry. Postcards, It'll take some more time. Please wait for me. I'll send you them as soon as possible!
I want to send some postcards for you.
I need 5 people to recieve my cards. I want to draw characters or couples of BBC Sherlock and write what you want.
I'll make cards on this paper.…

Mm.. writing in here is good? bad?
If you don't mind(if you want), please comment here. I'll reply to you. then you give me a note about your name, address, characters or couples what you want to see.. blah blah..etc

If i have any problems, just tell me. thanks :)

Thanks! (:

EDIT: Now, There are 21 comments and 9 people in here. so I'll get only one person more.
         And others, I'll post like this next time. To be CONTINUUUUUED~~~~~ Thanks(:!